Name Change: Sparrowhawk Labs is now Misfit Labs

1 minute read

Sparrowhawk Labs is now Misfit Labs. As we get nearer to the initial early access releases for a couple of our products we took some time to rethink our name. We like the “Labs” part of our original name and the connotations it brings about experimenting with ideas and trying new things. We also wanted to reduce any confusion between the organization name and the online handle, “Sparrowhawk”, that Matt has used for years.

Misfit Labs is currently a small group consisting of 3 developers working on projects we find interesting. We all self-identify with not really fitting in, and doing things differently. Our new name shows that we are embracing this identity and the idea that we will do things differently on the projects we work on. For example doing things right is more important than meeting a deadline, and you can see our thoughts on game monetization in a previous post.

Misfit Labs will be an umbrella for the different projects and products the 3 of us create. Some will come to fruition, and some will not. Currently we are preparing early access releases of 2 products.

First is a yet untitled space shoot-em-up video game built with Unity 3D that is a bit of a mix between classic arcade games like Galaga and more modern games like Tesla vs Lovecraft.

The second product is called RestSquared. RestSquared will provide fully managed REST services that are automatically generated from an API specification. In microservice architectures, huge amounts of time are spent custom implementing each service. With RestSquared, once the service API has been designed it is automatically created, hosted and managed.

Prior to the conceptualization of Misfit Labs or Sparrowhawk Labs Brian and I had begun work on a product called Authzee that would provide authorization-as-a-service. That product never came to fruition, but as part of that work we did open source the kotlin-guice project. That open source project will become part of Misfit Labs and we are also using it for RestSquared.