Misfit Labs is a small group of developers working on projects that we find interesting. At this time we are primarily focusing on computer and mobile games that we would want to play ourselves.

The members of our group include:

John Leacox

John has been programming since he first got a computer, and playing video games since he first got an NES – although he now prefers PC games to console games. His early programming endeavors include enhancing and fixing bugs in the Ultima Online emulator UOX. He went to school for Computer Science and has made a career of programming/software engineering.

Matt Torres

Matt has been an avid gamer since he got an NES and later dove into PC gaming with Wolfenstein and Doom. He began tinkering with Doom and looking “under the hood”–making maps, playing with the behavior of the game and assets–and went from there. He took programming classes in junior high, high school, and college. He is now almost exclusively a PC gamer but will play the occasional PS4 exclusive. Other hobbies include music (listening and playing), reading, and fencing.